Dani Hommer, D.C.


My fascination with the human body started in a high school anatomy & physiology class and after suffering a few sports injuries -- I thought I wanted to be an athletic trainer but idle time on the sidelines was not for me. I found myself at a crossroads between pursuing physical therapy or chiropractic and chose the later after learning about the wellness-centered foundation and importance of prevention in medical care. 


Unfortunately, hours of class coupled with hours of studying lead to neck pain, headaches and night grinding all while still in chiropractic college. I was becoming fearful for my future patients as the relief from adjustments only lasted a few days...and I was only 23. Thankfully I was introduced to soft tissue treatments by another student and found sustained relief from the nagging headaches and constant tightness. I enrolled in the advanced soft tissue training called Active Release Techniques ®, outside the chiropractic curriculum, while still in school and was frequently asked for treatments by classmates because of the incredible results. 


Upon starting into practice, I had a leg up on other chiropractors by offering soft tissue treatments with manipulation but results were still inconsistent with some cases responding better than others. I found out about Integrative Diagnosis™ through a colleague and elevated my skill set effectively treat injuries by addressing only the soft tissues - the muscles, tendons & ligaments. In fact, when treated properly, scar tissue treatments in the soft tissues creates longer lasting and sustained  results than with manipulation and soft tissue treatments in conjunction. 


After nearly 10 years in practice, I continue to see the importance of adhering to a healthy lifestyle in order to live an optimal life - from mindset to the foods you ingest, it all matters! Outside the office I enjoy traveling, cooking healthier versions of low nutrient foods (come on, I still love pizza!), binging on podcasts and being active - soaking up the Florida sun on walks, resistance training or deep yoga flow.

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