Elodie Guez
(Physician Assistant)


My name is Elodie Guez and I am a physician assistant. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of Chicago and my Master of Medical Science degree from Nova Southeastern University’s Physician Assistant Program in 2014.


I chose to become a physician assistant so that my work would always be centered around and rooted in the care of others. My previous work as an international teacher instilled in me the virtues of patience, adaptability, dedication, and the skill of truly listening. My extensive volunteering throughout the years—from working with underserved youth to education and advocacy work for a local Title 1 school—instilled in me humility and a deep understanding of the importance of working together to achieve a goal. 


I chose Docs Outside the Box because it is a practice that implements real care and heals the individual with the whole person in mind. It is this holistic focus that allows me to practice real preventative medicine—empowering you through education and active participation in your health and wellbeing. Having lived outside of the United States for several years, I was drawn to the accessibility of the providers and to the larger medical toolkit that is available at Docs Outside the Box. As individuals, we each have a unique set of circumstances that defines and shapes our health. Consideration and appreciation of those unique circumstances is essential to progress; a one-size-fits-all medical approach benefits few. I feel privileged to be contributing to a practice that values everyone. My goal as your physician assistant is the same goal I have for myself and those closest to me: to have you feeling the best you possibly can in the most natural way possible, as quickly as possible.  

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