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Katie Fothergill

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Hi! My name is Katie Fothergill. I’m originally from Boston, MA but moved to Florida 5 years ago with my husband of 12 years so we could live in the beautiful sunshine all year round! 


I’ve been a certified medical assistant for 11 years and it was the best life choice I made for myself. Growing up with a family stricken with cancer and other health problems, I knew from a young age all I wanted to do was help and care for people. That is truly my passion, and if I can brighten even just one person’s day, that fills my heart with tremendous joy!


 I plan to become an RN sometime in the near future because I love learning new things, especially in the medical field. I’m so proud and honored to be part of this amazing team here at Docs Outside the Box! They treat their staff and patients like family and I’m so grateful to be a part of that!

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