Matt Maggio, D.C.


Dr. Matt Maggio is one of the leading Soft Tissue Injury Specialists in the world, he is the creator of the Peak Method, which is revolutionizing how injuries are diagnosed, treated and managed. Dr. Maggio founded Peak Injury Solutions back in 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida. During that time he treated patients ranging from professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyday people. Dr. Maggio is renowned for his no nonsense approach to patient education and care.


During his playing time on the St. John Fisher College Football team, Dr. Maggio suffered a significant low back injury while training. He was passed around the medical system and told he would no longer be able to play. During his search for a resolution for the injury he found a doctor trained in soft tissue treatment. This allowed him to return to the field for his senior season, and he earned all-conference honors.


Matt realized his true calling in life was helping people who were injured. He has a doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, but definitely doesn’t fit the classic chiropractor mold. His practice is based on biomechanics with the focus on soft tissue injuries. Dr. Maggio hasn’t performed a manipulation in years. 


Dr. Maggio truly believes that successful resolution of injuries and pain has a pretty lousy outcome in our current medical model. He notes patients don’t get what they deserve and often feel like they just have to live with the problem they have. Injuries and pain are often diagnosed and treated in the wrong way, and this leads to a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.


In the fall of 2016 Dr. Maggio had tragedy strike in his family when his father Fred died at the age of 58 after complications from 7 surgeries and a pain-pill addiction. Dr. Maggio has made it his life’s work to get conservative results driven treatment to anyone that is injured and in pain, so they don’t have to suffer the fate his father did. In 2018 Dr. Maggio officially stepped away from treating patient’s day to day so he could focus solely on training other Soft Tissue Specialists worldwide in his system. He currently coaches and teaches doctors world wide. Dr. Maggio turned over the reigns of the practice officially in 2018 to Dr. Dani Hommer, who was personal hand-picked and trained by Dr. Maggio.

 Dr. Maggio’s goal is for every person suffering through an injury to become better informed and have access to the correct treatment for their problem. 


Currently Dr. Maggio lives in St. Petersburg, FL. He enjoys meditation, healthy eating and lots of reading. Dr. Maggio has been an ongoing patient of Docs Outside The Box and has been blown away with his own health transformation. Dr. Maggio is also very well trained in Intermittent Fasting and has been able to lose 80 pounds over the last 2 years and keep all the weight off.

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