Osteoporosis Clinic

Fractures due to osteoporosis have a serious impact on a person's health, happiness and quality of life. They can result in chronic pain, long-term disability and death .... As our life expectancy increases, so too does the proportion of the population suffer osteoporosis fractures. In the US, the burden of disability (number of years lost due to a condition) from osteoporosis is second only to cardiopulmonary disease! 
Osteoporosis is not only preventable; it is also completely curable- in most cases, without use of medication. We will teach you how to prevent and reverse any amount of bone loss you may have. You will be given all currently available options, both traditional and alternative. A specialized regimen will be prescribed for you. 

We will monitor your bone regrowth closely and frequently and adjust your regimen according to the progress being made toward strong, resilient, natural bones. 

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