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Are you looking for something different from your healthcare provider?

Welcome to Docs Outside The Box

The PATIENT EMPOWERED Medical Practice



When you came to this office, you did not come for just a doctor’s appointment, you came for a


Our approach to your care is comprehensive, educational and patient empowering.

Patient empowerment means that you will take ownership of your life and face

your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Patient empowerment means that we will teach you how to get the most out of your body.

Patient empowerment means that you will allow yourself to be educated so that you can understand all your treatment options, both conventional and unconventional.

Patient empowerment means that you will not take a passive approach and ask others to make the changes for you.

Patient empowerment means that you will take it upon yourself to do the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

Patient empowerment means that you are honored and respected, and that you in turn,

will honor and respect your health care team.

Patient empowerment means that you understand that there is no magic pill.

Patient empowerment means that your time is respected and that you respect your health care team’s time as well.

Patient empowerment means that you will learn to make the best healthcare choices for your body,

not just at this office, but in all future healthcare encounters.

Patient empowerment means having your healthcare insurance legitimately honored and respected - when allowed by your insurance carrier.

Patient empowerment means that you accept that unconventional treatment options are typically paid for “out of pocket” and that you realize that your health is the most important and most secure investment you will ever make for yourself and your family.


Patient empowerment means that YOU ARE IN CHARGE.

We are honored to be allowed to serve you.

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