Holistic Lite Primary Care

What ever happened to the concept of the General Practitioner- you know -the kindly 
physician/practitioner who knew your name, your history, your family, had a broad and confident base of knowledge and supervised your health care with compassion? Well, that is exactly what we are providing to our patients at DOCS. We LIKE to oversee the comprehensive care of our patients' health issues, but we will refer out to a specialist when absolutely necessary. Our medical providers are board - certified yet have open minds to working with holistic options to make our office a one stop health care shopping experience.

If you think you are in good health and just need to establish care in our clinic – this may be the appointment for you.  If you establish as a Holistic Lite Patient, you will receive every aspect of primary, standard of care in our country with the addition of holistic options.

However, if you have health challenges, a complex health picture, or just looking for  more complete and informed care, you need to schedule an Intensive Holistic evaluation at DOCS.

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