Sheri Lundblad, FNP

(Family Nurse Practitioner)

Sheri Lundblad FNP.jpg

I began my nursing journey in 2007 and have worked in a variety of disciplines and specialty units.  Most recently, I have focused in Women’s Healthcare (newborn nursery, postpartum, labor & delivery unit). It was then that I quickly discovered my true passion for newborn care and educating parents. My passion for the pediatric population grew during my FNP clinical rotations where I discovered my calling.   

My pursuit to finding an alternative approach grew when my youngest child, Niklas was hospitalized in 2015.  He had become unresponsive, lethargic, and had a temperature 105.5. As a mother and nurse, I felt helpless. Niklas was subsequently loaded with more medications and discharged home. The real challenge began after Niklas was released from the hospital, with continued rounds of antibiotics and steroids to treat reoccurring pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, and a variety of other illnesses.    

After discussing several treatment plans with doctors, I kept thinking, “there has to be a better way, a solution, and not just a Band-Aid for his symptoms”.  Throughout my nursing career, many times I knew there were better ways of treating and curing these “Dis-eases”. 

In 2017, my husband and I started searching for providers that would understand and more accurately diagnose Niklas and not continue to mask symptoms.  We found a place called “Docs Outside the Box!” and said to ourselves how fitting the name was to our situation with Niklas.  Immediately, our lives were transformed and for the first time, we felt cared about, listened to, and knew in our hearts we were on the right path.  

Niklas was one of the first pediatric patient seen at that time. It was at this moment, I knew I had to work in an environment that incorporated functional medicine, holistic medicine, and when needed a western medicine approach.  I have always had an internal determination and desire to find that “better way”, with a more holistic approach. This is not just a career path for me but an actual way of life.  Here at Docs Outside the Box, we truly practice what we preach.   

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