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Tyra Holt, PA-C
(Physician Assistant)

Tyra Holt PA.jpg

Hi! My name is Tyra and I'm a certified physician assistant. Originally from California and  moved to sunny Florida a couple years ago.


Before going to PA school, I worked in physical therapy and was a scribe for an oncology clinic. With this background, I was able to see how the mental and emotional health really impacts the physical health, as well as the importance of addressing all aspects of a patient with regard to their healthcare. 


When it comes to working with patients, I like to picture myself in the passenger seat of a car, giving directions to you, the driver. You will have various options of different routes to take. You will be given all the tools and education for you to make an informed decision on which direction you want to take. However, if we are not headed in the best direction, I will provde guidance to help get us back on the road. 


In my free time, I love going to the beach, reading, traveling (especially to places known for their food), and hanging out with my 14 pound cat, Jam!

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