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They say we have the face we deserve at 50, and this goes for the rest of the body as well.
Alexis is a 42 years old female who felt she was in pretty good health. Her only complaints were that there were not enough hours in the day and that she was having a little trouble sleeping. She began her relationship with us just as a preventive step to support her health while moving into middle age.

Although Alexis had very few risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, we ran intensive laboratory tests and found that her highly sensitive C reactive protein, insulin, and serum cortisol level were all elevated, which indicated that she was headed for vascular diseases, diabetes and central obesity.

We taught her how to change her diet, suggested supplements and good oils. As she made these changes she began to notice that she was in a better mood, able to accomplish more at work and was resting through the night. We carefully monitored her inflammatory markers every three months over a period of 15 months as she normalized completely.

Alexis' proactive steps will allow her to move into middle age gracefully and will prevent any further damage by the patterns she had set up before her visit to see us.

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