Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has been used by mankind for thousands of years, and was used widely in the US until its criminalization in the 1900's. It is now available to residents of the state of Florida who qualify medically.

We have over a year of experience in providing Medical Cannabis certifications to patients who legitimately qualify for the use of medical marijuana under the guidelines of the Department of Health in the state of Florida. We believe that medical cannabis can be used safely with good effect in the conditions as outlined by the State of Florida. More importantly, we believe that medical cannabis can be a healthier and safer treatment option than habit forming prescription medications. 

We keep this service as affordable as possible because we believe the cost of an office visit should not be an impediment to patient care. We screen all patients prior to their appointment, ensuring that no one has to make a trip here without knowing that they are medically and legally qualified to receive a recommendation for certification. 

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