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Holistic Care Events
Put on by Docs Outside The Box

Closed Memorial Day

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 Brain Harmony Free Auditory Processing Disorder Assessments at DOCS

Tuesday, May 28

9am-12pm | 1pm-4pm

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

9am-12pm | 1pm-4pm

Thursday, May 30

9am-12pm | 1pm-4pm

Brain Harmony will be at Docs Outside the Box to provide standardized Auditory Processing Disorder Assessments!

These assessments will be free of charge!


Brain Harmony is a groundbreaking and evidence-based, virtual and drug-free program that creates personalized at-home protocols to help both children and adults improve cognition, central nervous system function, brain health, and behavior.


Brain Harmony’s award-winning protocol results in profound improvements for disorders including sensory processing, executive function, brain fog, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia, learning difficulties, attention and regulation, sleep and stress, autism spectrum, anxiety, auditory processing, Prader Willi syndrome, PTSD, speech and language delays, dyslexia, as well as strokes, brain injuries and post concussive syndrome.

Why test?

Most do not realize the root cause of learning disorders, speech and language conditions, poor attention and regulation and social delays is poor auditory processing, which is often poorly understood and frequently overlooked.

For those suffering with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), the brain is unable to properly translate meaning to the noises one is hearing. The condition can often go unnoticed if the severity is mild, or is often misdiagnosed as autism, ADHD, or a number of related disorders with similar symptoms. 

Using the techniques appropriate for a patient with ADD will not be very effective for a patient suffering with auditory processing issues.

People suffering with APD may express some or many of these symptoms:

  • Difficulty taking notes

  • Having the need to ask others to repeat themselves, difficulty comprehending rapid speech or fast-paced conversations

  • Poor ability to direct or divide attention

  • Trouble understanding in loud environments or in long conversations

  • Difficulty learning, writing, reading, spelling, or memorizing vocabulary

  • Mistaking words that sound similar to other words

  • Struggling to comprehend instructions or spoken information

  • Inability to put multiple step directions together

Families have such a hard time trying to find adequate testing, diagnosis and treatment for these very common conditions, so we are providing you with an opportunity to learn more, get a standardized assessment and be provided with a plan to TREAT the APD over the summer so your kids not only meet expectation in the fall, but exceed them. 

Check out this testimony to see what is possible:

Who is eligible?

  • Must be at least 5 years of age

  • The test is in English

  • The participant will be sitting in a chair wearing headphones for at least 15 min.

  • If able to tolerate, will complete comprehensive diagnostics lasting 20-30 additional mins

  • Movement breaks allowed and supported by FL Licensed OT and Neurological Specialist

  • Flexible home program treatment plans provided

Brain Harmony will only be at DOCS for 2 days, Tuesday, May 28 and Thursday, May 30.

Call DOCS to schedule your appointment: 727-498-8898. You don't have to be a DOCS patient to make an appointment. Everyone is welcome. Spread the word to friends and family.

Get a jump start on brain organization for your child, teen or adult with Docs Outside the Box and Brain Harmony in May!

Empowered Patient Club

The Empowered Patient Club meets once a month

in the DOCS lobby 4pm-5pm


2024 Schedule

Monday, June 24
Monday, July 1

Monday, August 5

Monday, Sept. 9

Monday, Oct. 14

Monday, Nov. 11

Monday, Dec.2

Traditional Food Prep & Cooking Experience

with Mandy Blume

One Monday a Month


Join us in the kitchen at Docs Outside the Box for a monthly Traditional Food Prep and Cooking Experience using the Weston A. Price Foundation traditional food principles. 

  • One Monday a month we will learn easy ways to prepare amazingly beneficial foods.

  • We will discuss the nutritional benefits from a Clinical Nutritionist view, and each person will be involved in the process, with goodies to take home.

  • This will be Hands On and Fun with open discussions.

  • $10 per person for ingredients and containers.


2024 Schedule


Monday, May 20

The World Has Gone Nuts!

We can make them more delicious and digestible.


Monday, June 3

Making Sauerkraut.

Understanding the value of pre and probiotics and food combining.


Monday, July 15

Let's Make a Cup of Broth.

Making stock or broth for epicurean health.


Monday, August 19

Foods that Eliminate Parasites.

A Florida tropical smorgasbord.


Monday, Sept. 23

Important Lifespan Foods.

How to incorporate into meals for a family from child, teen, adult, to senior.


Monday, Oct. 28

Clean the Toxins.

Making beverages and house cleaners.


Monday, Nov. 25

 Let's Make Tea.

The power of mixing ingredients and brewing.


Monday, Dec. 16

Mocktails to Celebrate!

 And keep the body strong.

To Register: RSVP text to 727.401.4070 (or call the clinic at 727.498.8898) to reserve a spot. Provide your name and email so we can have your spot ready and send a reminder.

HerScan Breast Ultrasound Screening

Must schedule through HerScan, Choose St. Petersburg/Downtown to find DOCS event

More dates coming soon. Stay tuned.

Recall Healing Workshop 

October 18 - 20, 2024

(more details closer to workshop date)

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