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Establishing Appointment

What ever happened to the concept of the General Practitioner- you know - the kindly physician/practitioner who knew your name, your history, your family, had a broad and confident base of knowledge and supervised your health care with compassion?


Well, that is exactly what we are providing to our patients at DOCS. We LIKE to oversee the comprehensive care of our patients' health issues, but we will refer out to a specialist when absolutely necessary. Our medical providers are board certified, yet have open minds to working with holistic options to make our office a one stop health care experience. This means you have the choice which route you wish to follow whether it’s holistic, conventional or a combination of the two.


We are a Patient Empowered Clinic. What does that mean? Find out here


At DOCS, we offer holistic care using all currently available knowledge bases. It is never "either/or" or "holistic vs conventional" medicine here. For our patients who choose to hear their holistic options, we design a treatment plan based on each individual's needs. We draw on best practices from the US and around the globe, incorporating dietary supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathies, diet and lifestyle recommendations and we never ignore the impact of emotions and social factors.


If you are in a pickle with your health, if you just need extra help with a minor issue, or you have curiosity and an interest in healthy living, get started with us by scheduling an Establishing Appointment. 


Ready to get started? Call to schedule an appointment or request an appointment below.

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