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The Country’s First Legitimate,

Holistic Urgent Care

It’s all about choice

At Docs Outside the Box, we treat all conditions.  At our urgent care clinic, you are free to choose your therapy for whatever ails you with the safety of traditional medical supervision.

The way that it should be.

Let’s set your appointment up for success.


What to bring:  

  • driver’s license

  • insurance information

  • payment for co-pay or self-pay

  • list of medications, allergies, past surgeries, imaging

  • parental authorization:  if you are younger than 18 yrs of age


If appointment is work related also include:

  • completed employer authorization form for a general office visit or

  • completed worker’s comp form for a worker’s compensation visit

  • any documents for a DOPT physical (we recommend an appointment)

Schedule your visit: 

We welcome you to request an appointment date and time below.  We appreciate walk-ins but making an appointment assures less wait times.

Request An Appointment

What to expect when you get here:

If you know or believe that you are contagious (sure sign is fever, cough, body aches), please stay in your car when you arrive. 


When you arrive call the front desk and they will give you instructions and escort you in through our sick entry. 


We do our best to keep our contagiously sick away from the rest of the population.

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