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Jennifer Skubic

(Marketing Manager)

Jennifer Skubic

I came to work for Docs Outside the Box! (remotely, I live in South Carolina) thanks to Dr. Garner whom I met about 9 years ago at a class. After that one class, it was about another year before I would meet her again. Dr. Garner called out of the blue asking if I wanted to work at the health clinic in which she was currently working. I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know at the time that Dr. Garner was leaving and had thought of me to fill her position at the clinic. I am still at that clinic and it has been the best job I have ever had.

In 2019, I got another call, out of the blue, from Dr. Garner asking if I wanted to do some remote work for Docs which includes social media coordinating and various other content creation. How could I say no to my “Job Fairy”?

As with all things Docs Outside the Box, I get to learn so much. I am grateful for all they know and teach about true health. It is my honor to help spread that information and encouragement to as many people as possible so they can know that good health really is within their reach.

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