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Another COVID-19 Recovery Testimonial - DOCS Outside the BOX!

Here is a recent testimonial from Jim, one of our patients.

"This is my COVID-19 Story. It started with a little cough very similar to allergies. On Wednesday morning, July 29th, I woke with a fever. I scheduled a COVID test that day and tested positive.

By that night, I was having a hard time breathing. I knew if I went to the emergency room, I would most likely be put on a ventilator. Knowing the small percentage of survival from people that were put on ventilators because of COVID, I knew the hospital was not an option.

I learned about Docs Outside the Box, by reading the story of a severe COVID patient, who was a friend of friend, and he shared that they saved him. So, I decided Wednesday night that I would be going there first thing in the morning. By late that evening, I could barely breathe, had a high fever that I could not break, chills, sweats, and I was completely miserable.

Thursday morning it was very difficult to breathe. I went straight to Docs Outside the Box, scared they wouldn’t see me and instead would call 911 because of my condition. I told my wife that I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, and if they did send me to the hospital, she was not, under any circumstances, to allow them to put me on a ventilator.

As soon as the doctor saw me, she knew what to do. She assured me that she would cure me at home, and that I would not have to go to the hospital unless I wanted to. My oxygen saturation was 82, the normal person is 95-100.

They immediately put me on oxygen, and started a high potency Vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals. They gave me a shot of steroids, a chest x-ray, some Chinese tea, and additional supplements. They monitored me in the office all day.

They sent me home with their oxygen concentrator machine, a script for Hydroxychloroquine and a Z-Pack, and several Chinese supplements and tea. Before I could leave the parking lot, CVS called to tell me they would not fill the script (mainly because of all the political warfare). I told the doctor, and she found a pharmacy to compound it and deliver it to my house.

I went back the very next morning for a repeat treatment. I did this treatment for 19 days. The COVID symptoms were gone within a week, but my lungs were left full of fluid. I was on oxygen 24/7 for 25 days straight.

Once the healing began, I was only on oxygen to sleep for the next 7 days. Today, I am completely off the oxygen, and I’m on day 38. My lungs are not clear yet, and it will take time before they will be completely clear. At that point, I will learn if there is any scarring or permanent damage.

I am finally able to start doing some exercise, and every day is a better day. I thank God every day for being there, for putting all the right people in my life at the right time, and for helping me get through this.

I am confident that if I had started on the Hydroxychloroquine and Z pack two days earlier, chances are very likely that my symptoms would never have gotten so bad.

Do not believe the lies. Hydroxychloroquine works and it’s cheap ($35 for the script). Dr. Teekell-Taylor (from Docs Outside the Box) shared that she has been treating patients successfully for years on this medication, and for numerous ailments."

DOCS Outside the Box! located in St. Petersburg, Florida is an innovative medical practice combining traditional, integrative and functional medical practices, with holistic healing being the goal. Holistic Care | Holistic Urgent Care | Cardiology | Acupuncture and more. Interested in finding out more, call us at 727-498-8898.

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