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Coronavirus - What DOCS Wants You to Know

Updated: Jun 3, 2020




THE CLINIC: To keep our staff and our patients safe we have incorporated many pro-active precautions. We are having the clinic deep-cleaned every Friday with the addition of multiple, daily wipe downs of all surfaces. We have also installed more Mt Everest air purifiers. The Mt Everest Air Purifiers deactivate any pathogen, including viruses, in the air and on all surfaces. For any patient who is already in self-quarantine, we offer

For any patient who is already in self-quarantine, we offer


Docs! Holistic Telemedicine: It is simple! Call the front desk to schedule your telemedicine visit. Because insurance will not cover this service, we are offering many options based on your perceived needs. The fees to reach one of our providers is $50 per ten-minute visit. We will answer all questions and make suggestions from holistic and conventional worlds. We will follow standard of care when creating your protocols. Our hope is to help our patients stay out of emergency rooms and urgent care facilities while still being able to get the help they need. If you have a need for supplements, we will continue to ship to your homes.

IN-OFFICE SICK VISITS: When a sick patient comes to the office, we will provide a mask and gloves and immediately move our patient out of the lobby. Please cooperate with our staff to keep everyone safe.

PREVENTION AND PREPAREDNESS: Research has shown that even CHINA realizes that Western medicine has very little for this virus. The government of China has ordered vitamin C for IV’s and have ordered their population and physicians to use Chinese herbs. The patients who have used these therapies have responded quickly and improved their recovery rates.

OUR LIFESTYLE RECOMMENDATIONS: We are recommending that anyone over 70 years of age and/or anyone with chronic pulmonary disease self-quarantine at home. We recommend frequent hand washing with soap and water and touching surfaces with gloves or tissue. Typical hand sanitizers do not kill the virus and the sanitizers made of alcohol can be harmful and immune compromising.

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