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COVID-19 Recovery Testimonial

Below is an account written by one of our patients about their experience with DOCS Outside the Box! and COVID-19 treatment and recovery . "I tested positive for Covid 19 on Thursday March 26th and today Wednesday April 15th I have results back that I no longer have the virus in my system. I wanted to share this valuable information how we beat this. Everything I am sharing was executed under the care of my Doctors Leah Teekell-Taylor MD and Lana Garner DOM at Docs Outside the Box in St. Petersburg Florida

Symptoms: Fever from low to 103+ it cycled up and down (12 days) Loss of appetite Loss of sense of taste.

Timeline and treatment:

Thursday March 19 Fever started I immediately isolated in my room away from family. Thursday March 26 Fever still present I went to see my doctors. I had a vitamin C IV followed by an additional bag of saline to treat dehydration, was tested for Covid-19 and was given two supplements. The first supplement is called Pneumotrophin PMG (to keep my lungs clear) and Echinacea Premium (to help boost immune system) both supplements are manufactured from Standard Process. Monday March 30 Fever was really high 103 I was in really bad shape (no energy whatsoever and down 22lbs) I went to the doctor’s they immediately gave me a chest x-ray and was started on a IV drip of Vitamin C.  Chest X-Ray did not look that bad however I had an O2 saturation of 95 which is a little low probably because I was in distress. I was given a customized Chinese medicine tea that was designed in response to my symptoms. 

Thursday April 9 Fever still not present, I headed to the doctor’s for Vitamin C IV treatment. Tuesday April 14 This day represents the 14th day without a fever headed to the doctor’s for Vitamin C IV treatment and a COVID 19 PCR Stool test.  My doctors teamed with a private lab to offer this service.  This test will let me know if I am still contagious.

Wednesday April 15th Covid-19 Test was negative, and I am not shedding the virus in my stool! I am now released from isolation! Few things to note: I drove to all of my doctor appointments by myself. I was greeted in the parking lot given mask and gloves and entered the building through a private entrance. My doctors did not wait for the test results to treat with the 1. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and 2. Azithromycin. Had they waited this story would have likely not had the same ending. No side effects to note.  My wife and kids were spared from getting the virus. I immediately isolated at onset of fever to a room in the house without a return duct. If you must isolate in your house and have a return air duct in the isolation room block the duct this is very easy to do with tape and a cardboard. I am still taking the supplements and Chinese medicine as a precaution. In closing please share this with whomever needs help or hope. I am sharing what worked for me it may not work for all. I want to thank my wife Lori for holding down the fort (huge undertaking at our house 4 kids under 16) taking care of everything including keeping food and water coming my way.

I also want to thank my team of Doctor’s Leah Teekell-Taylor MD and Lana Garner DOM.  They truly saved my life." - Brian

Pictures below for documentation:


DOCS Outside the Box offers several testing options: COVID-19 PCR TEST: 1 Test - $190   Know in 24 - 36 hours if you have COVID-19 COVID-19 PCR STOOL TEST: 1 Test - $154   Know in 24 - 36 hours if you are still shedding the virus Please note that the SARS-CoV-2 Stool Analysis is not diagnostic of COVID-19. COVID-19 can only be properly diagnosed and confirmed using the nasopharyngeal COVID-19 PCR Test. COVID-19 ANTIBODY TEST: 1 Test - $178  Know in 24 hours if you have ever had COVID-19 Call the front desk to schedule an appointment. 727-498-8898 Docs Outside The Box 8950 9th St N., Suite 102 St. Petersburg, FL 33702

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