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Discover EECP - The Natural Bypass

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) is a safe, non-surgical therapy that may be an option for people who suffer with advanced cardiovascular disease such as congestive heart failure and Class II or Class IV angina pectoris. This US Food and Drug Administration and Medicare approved therapy has been used for patients who have run out of options or who have refused more invasive options such as bypass surgery. Furthermore, no medications are required.

EECP therapy is easy and painless. The patient reclines on a comfortable bed. The heart is connected to a computerized monitor. Three large blood pressure like cuffs wrap around the calves, the thighs, and the pelvis. During therapy, these cuffs sequentially inflate and deflate, squeezing the calves, then the thighs, and then the buttocks to the rhythm of the heart while not interfering with body’s natural functions.

In the early 1950’s EECP was invented at Harvard University, but was quickly overshadowed by advances in heart surgery. It was refined in China and has been used successfully the world over since that time, being very slow to catch on back in the States due to our fixation with high technology.

Studies have also shown that EECP increases blood flow to other organs, such as the kidneys and the pelvic organs. One German study demonstrated that EECP increased blood flow to the PENIS by 200%, improved erectile dysfunction in 85% of men studied. You heard that right! 200%!

How EECP works for the heart is still a subject of debate. Some investigators believe it helps build collateral blood vessels in the heart muscle, some believe it somehow reduces the amount of oxygen the heart needs to function properly. At any rate, we know it works, and have used it successfully at DOCS! since 2013.

Our patients have successfully used EECP “off label” for Erectile Dysfunction, lung disorders, after strokes, and for improvement in athletic performance as well.

Recently, we observed a successful outcome by treating cirrhosis of the liver with enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP). The patient came to DOCS Outside the Box! in June 2019 after visiting the Emergency Room and being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and life-threatening hemorrhaging from esophageal varices. She was sixty years old, drank little alcohol, and experienced good health prior to this diagnosis.

The patient established with Docs Outside the Box! and underwent a thorough exam. Initial review resulted in the prescription of a combination of supplements, herbals, and dietary changes. The physicians at DOCS! continued to monitor and research the situation with the goal of curing the patient.

It was determined that the cirrhosis developed insidiously from unsuspected non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This occurs in response to additives in industrialized, processed food- specifically those with fructose or high fructose corn syrup.

DOCS Outside the Box! continued to monitor the patient and noted improvement in overall vitality. However, the patient had one more bleeding episode which lead the physicians to look for more solutions. They discovered a small study where EECP was presented as a possible solution. EECP is known to improve kidney function and renal blood flow, but there is limited research on its effects for cirrhosis patients.

DOCS Outside the box! prescribed the patient EECP treatments to address Severe Fibrosis-Cirrhosis at level of F3-F4 and an average measurement of fibrosis of 27.5 kPa (kilopascal). In less than 6 months the patient improved significantly presenting moderate Fibrosis-Cirrhosis of F2-F3 with an average measurement of 6.0 kPa.

EECP proved to be a valuable solution for this patient. Other patients my respond in alternative ways.

“This is another proof point that demonstrates the value of DOCS Outside the Box! methodology,” said Lana Garner, DOM Holistic Medicine Director of DOCS Outside the Box! “Our blending of holistic and western medicine helped this patient exponentially.”

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