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DOCS Outside the Box Now Offering Antibody Treatment For COVID

Good News! DOCS Outside the Box, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, has initiated the use of Regeneron monoclonal antibody therapy for the treatment of the COVID Delta variant. Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-made proteins that duplicate the immune system’s ability to fight off viruses. These are the same ones used by hospitals. They can be administered through IV or injection.

With the use of these antibodies, we are seeing very sick people bounce back. This treatment really excels if used at the very onset of symptoms.

Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by the human body as part of a normal immune response to foreign molecules. Molecules from invading organisms – such as viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms – are called “antigens” and prompt the body’s B-cells to make antibodies by the billions. Each antibody has two antigen-binding sites (one on each arm of the Y) and works to neutralize these invaders.

Antibody medicines are designed to emulate this natural disease-fighting process.

According to Regeneron, antibody medicines are based on key principles of biology and mimic the natural defenses and pathways of the human body and immune system. Scientists look at how antibodies work in order to replicate and optimize them against specific disease targets.

Now antibody medicines can be created in a lab and given to people who need them for a specific medical purpose. These antibody medicines are derived from living organisms, not from chemical processes like most pills. Because antibody medicines specifically target disease-causing antigens, they are designed to avoid unwanted effects on other cells in the body.

Antibody medicines have been proven to change lives and have altered the course of the treatment of serious diseases like asthma, cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and severe eczema over the past several decades.

Not all antibody medicines are created equal. Antibody medicines are discovered, developed and tested through a rigorous process that can take up to 20 years, and require special expertise. Regeneron, uses innovative technologies that have accelerated and improved this traditional process. They are considered antibody pioneers whose deep scientific expertise has allowed them to discover, develop and manufacture many antibody medicines from beginning to end.

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Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray
Sep 22, 2021

Is this treatment only offered to current patients? Or is it also offered via urgent care?

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