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DOCS Outside the Box! Successfully Treats Hip Deterioration as Alternative to Hip Replacement

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

DOCS Outside the Box!, a primary, urgent, and holistic care medical facility, successfully used Enhanced Extrernal Counterpulsation (EECP) to treat avascular necrosis of the hip in a patient who was experiencing severe constant hip pain but did not want a traditional hip replacement. This is a notable and novel success for holistic bone health treatment by using EECP in an off-label way.

The patient came to DOCS Outside the Box! with severe chronic pain from avascular necrosis of the hip, which means the head of the femur was dying due to poor blood circulation and other underlying conditions. Traditionally, this condition would require a hip replacement, however, the patient did not want to get surgery or use Western medicine remedies. DOCS Outside the Box! prescribed a holistic path- EECP treatment in conjunction with a wholefood and herbal supplement regimen. Because this was a circulatory issue, their condition responded well.

After following this treatment, the patient has remained comfortable with their own hip and has even moved to Hawaii. The patient’s condition has remained stable and successful for 6 plus years.

EECP treatment has been transformative for some of our patients, and we can’t wait to continue to see its impact!”
— Lana Garner, DOM of DOCS Outside the Box!

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment, also known as “The Natural Bypass”, is an FDA-approved outpatient therapy for chronic stable angina. It uses pressure on the lower limbs to improve blood flow to the heart and may stimulate the openings or formation of collaterals (small branches of blood vessels) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries. DOCS Outside the Box! has used EECP as a part of many programs to improve lung fibrosis, chronic lung disease, head trauma, erectile dysfunction, angina pectoris, and stroke recovery.

“We are so honored to be able to help our patients find relief from their pain so they can continue on with their lives,” said Lana Garner, DOM of DOCS Outside the Box!

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