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KIDS OUTSIDE THE BOX! - A Holistic Medical Practice in St. Petersburg, Florida

Did you know? KIDS Outside the Box! – a holistic pediatric medical practice for infants, children, & adolescents is the new Pediatric clinic opened by DOCS Outside the Box!

The addition of KIDS Outside the Box! will allow the practice to provide end to end care for the entire family. The current Docs Outside the Box! Office, located at 8950 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, has been expanded to include additional reception and treatment rooms designed especially for children.

The addition of KIDS Outside the Box! brings a new provider to the DOCS family. Sheri Lundblad, FNP is the New Nurse Practitioner focusing on pediatric care. Sheri began her nursing journey in 2007 and has worked in a variety of disciplines and specialty units. Her passion for pediatrics grew during FNP clinical rotations and it has become her true calling. Sheri holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Galen College of Nursing and a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University.

Holistic pediatrics is the combination of western medicine and holistic ideologies to provide a child with whole-person health. This includes the treatment of body, mind, and spirit to maintain a healthy body. The use of Holistic Pediatrics is rapidly increasing with approximately 10-40% of healthy children and more than 50% of children with chronic, recurrent, or incurable conditions using some form of Alternative Medicine.

“We are very excited to launch KIDS Outside the Box!,” said Lana Garner, DOM Holistic Medicine Director of DOCS Outside the Box! “Our patients have been asking for full family care and we now provide it.”

In June, we held an open house in June to celebrate the opening of the new clinic and give everyone a chance to meet the Pediatric providers.

We had a blast at the Kids Outside the Box! Open House. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. We enjoyed seeing many familiar faces and meeting new ones.

We're excited about our new pediatric holistic medical practice and look forward to being of service to the whole family.


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