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Latest From Dr. Chi - Improve Your Immunity

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

As many of you may know, we carry the line of herbal and natural remedies from Dr. Chi. Below is information from his latest newsletter with regard to improving immune health.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is rising at a drastic rate. According to John Hopkins University & Medicine, we had 1,281 confirmed cases by March 11. By March 14, we had 2,572 and as of March 17, we are at 5,068 confirmed cases. The rate is doubling every 3 days! If we do not do something about this, we will have around 80,000 confirmed cases in two weeks. These next two weeks are going to very important as we have more results from tests coming in.

The COVID-19 when contracted stays in the throat for around 4 days. After that 4 day period, it goes from your throat, quickly passes your trachea going straight to your lung.

That is where it differs from the flu, because the flu goes from your throat to the trachea stays there for a period of time before finally going to the lung. For the flu, if your immunity is good the virus may already be cleared before it even gets to your lung. At this time, it is very important to gargle warm salt water and quickly take Bamboo Extract in order to help prevent or aid in ridding any viral infections we may contract.

In clinical demonstration; Bamboo Extract reduced coughing frequency by 66.91%, significantly induced expectoration 2.67 times more than non-users. Bamboo Extract users improved 90% on shortness of breath & reduced inflammation by 64.26%.

When the COVID-19 infects the lung it will cause inflammation and CRP (C-Reactive protein) to increase. Anytime your CRP is over 3, it is serious. Ideally, you want your CRP to be below 1.

Taking Oxypower is important to reduce CRP, lung inflammation, and helping our bodies utilize oxygen more efficiently. If one is experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, or trouble breathing your lungs may already be infected. If you are suspicious that you may have the virus or have come in contact with anyone who may have the virus you must take Bamboo Extract, Oxypower, & Liver Chi right away and go get tested. The death rate among senior people due to the COVID-19 is very high. This is due to the fact that seniors tend to have more underlying health issues such as heart, lung, diabetes, & kidney diseases, etc. Due to these diseases their immunity is at risk. Taking Liver Chi to improve our interferon production (T-cell immunity) is beneficial against viruses. If one’s white blood cell count is under 4,000, it means they have low immunity and should take Asparagus Extract. Taking Asparagus Extract will help improve our Natural Killer Cell (NK) and improve our CD4 (T helper cell). Improving these counts will increase our white blood cells. Having Low immunity can be caused by many other underlying health issues. Having poor circulation is one of the contributors. If you have cold hands & cold feet it means your body’s circulation is poor. “Cold people” are more prone to contracting infections, flu, & headaches. Taking Vein Lite will help improve your body’s circulation & make your body warmer. 80% of our immunity comes from our guts. Poor digestion is also another contributor to low immunity. Those who experience bloating after they eat, constipation, or diarrhea, usually have very low immunity. Take Digestron to help your body produce your own digestive enzymes and make your stomach and pancreas more functional. Take CFC to help regulate your bowel movement. And take GI Chi for diarrhea. These three essential products are extremely beneficial to fix these issues. It is important to keep our composure during this time when this pandemic is affecting our country severely. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, not sleeping well (one should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep), and increased fatigue you should take Relaxin and Chi-Happiness. People who suffer from sleep deprivation, bad mood, and over-fatigue have low immunity. Having strong immunity is extremely important to prevent and combat the COVID-19. Fixing any underlying health issues that is causing us to have poor immunity in the first place, is just as important. Wash your hands thoroughly! Don't touch your face! Avoid shaking hands! Avoid public gatherings! These are all important factors in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Remember to always take 3 capsules of Bamboo Extract before you go out!

CASE STUDY J. Blair, ND from NJ, had a 7-year-old girl taking Bamboo Extract regularly for her seasonal allergies & post nasal drip. When the H1N1 was going around in 2009, about 20% of schoolchildren at her elementary school were found to be H1N1-positive through nose swab technique. In her class, 5 were given Tamiflu, including herself. With flu-like symptoms, 4 children had to stay at home for weeks. However, the girl only had symptoms for one day and then symptoms cleared.

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