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New Traditional Food Prep and Cooking Experience Class at DOCS!

Mandy Blume

New monthly class happening at DOCS!!

Join Mandy Blume, Clinical Nutritionist, one Monday a month, 4pm-5pm, in the DOCS kitchen for a Traditional Food Prep and Cooking Experience. This new cooking class will show how to create nutritious foods the Weston A. Price Foundation traditional food principles.

fresh, colorful vegetables

Once a month, we will learn easy ways to prepare amazingly beneficial foods.

We will discuss the nutritional benefits from a Clinical Nutritionist view, and each person will be involved in the process, with goodies to take home.

This will be hands-on and fun with open discussions.

Class is $10 per person for ingredients and containers.

First Class is Monday, April 15, 4pm-5pm at DOCS! Learn how to make Labneh Cheese. Probiotics, protein and dairy will be discussed.


As noted on, "Labneh is often classified as a “yogurt cheese.” It has a thick texture, similar to that of cream cheese, and a tanginess that lands somewhere between cream cheese and yogurt.

A Middle Eastern staple, labaneh is a savory dairy product that’s typically served at breakfast and enjoyed with pita bread; it's sometimes rolled into balls, marinated in oil and herbs, and served as a snack. Some people use it to top roasted vegetable and salads."

To Register:

RSVP text to 727-401-4070 (or call the clinic at 727-498-8898) to reserve a spot. Provide your name and email so we can have your spot ready and send a reminder. Everyone is welcome to attend this class.

Class Schedule For The Year:

Monday, April 15 Monday, Aug. 19

Monday, May 20 Monday, Sept. 23

Monday, June 3 Monday, Oct. 28

Monday, July 15 Monday, Nov. 25

Monday, Dec. 16


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