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Recall Healing, Unlocking the Secrets to Illness

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Recall Healing is a philosophy of healing pioneered in Europe by Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD in Germany and by Claude Sabbah, MD in France in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This method of healing has been brought to North America by Gilbert Renaud PhD, RHC/TBC in Canada and Michelle LaMasa -Schrader PhD in the US. Both Dr Renaud and LaMasa -Schrader are active here in the US/Canada and internationally, leading workshops and seeing clients individually.

In Recall Healing - Unlocking the Secrets of Illness, we work at "Identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind the condition or behavior,” an important step within the healing process.

To accomplish this work, Recall Healing integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, recognized scientific research and various observations on the plant, animal and human realms.

The concept sheds light and understanding on the normal functioning of a living creature, how it becomes ill and how it is possible for it to regain health and wellbeing.

Recall Healing is not a panacea and does not pretend to make miracles; but when this work with Recall Healing is well done, it helps the person to "shift" toward a new viewpoint which contributes to optimize the healing process.

Gilbert Renaud, PhD

Enjoy watching Gilbert Renaud and Michelle LaMasa- Schrader introduce Recall Healing: go to YouTube and search Recall Healing for videos and interviews with each practitioner.


· Could illness be the brain's ideal solution for solving an acute problem of survival?

· Why am I sick and how can I encourage my recovery?

· What is the emotional or psychological shock behind the illness or perhaps a way of behaving?

· What to do with these emotions & feelings?

· Is it possible to let them go? Is there any suggested process?

· Exploration: "If you don't give your conflict/emotions issue, it may go into the tissue".

· Possible solutions to conflict situations

· Why do my problems recur?

· Memorized Cellular Biological Cycles

· The "Project//Purpose" of my life- what were the conditions surrounding the time of my conception and life in utero?

· How does intra-uterine life affect the life of the child?

· The origin of certain learning difficulties at school

· Trans-generational memory

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