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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If you are anything like Lana and I (Leah), you are in a bit of a surreal state of disorientation these days. Our way of life is changed. But as Floridians, we expect this kind of disruption from time to time and know to prepare sensibly ahead time because we live this way from June to November EVERY YEAR. It is hard to make us panic. BUT this is a challenge, even for us. Hurricane season seems to have come early this year.

Being a little nerdy, Lana and I have been scouring the journals daily for tidbits of intelligence from China, South Korea, Iran and Europe who are ahead of us in their experience with COVID-19. The wheels of science turn slowly, however and the experts are slow to express firm opinions until “prospective, double blind, multicenter randomized“ studies can be done. That is cold comfort in this situation.

SO here is our best gut instinct/educated guess/ info to date:

Isolate the elders and those with diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, history of pulmonary disease and those who have had a stroke. There is someone fitting this description in just about every family and worldwide, so far, these are the most susceptible groups to COVID -19. We may need to keep them isolated for up to 4 months, so get the Face Time going so they stay connected and feel the love!

If you develop a fever, unless you are very uncomfortable, try not to take any

pharmaceutical fever reducer, even over the counter aids, because we do not know whether these medications worsen the COVID -19 syndrome. The French Minister of Health has recommended against the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications in COVID -19n- ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.

(We happen to believe that a reasonable fever is a sign of a strong immune system and a big part of nature’s way of helping us fight infection.)

Also, please remember our favorite fever expression, “The older the colder.” Meaning, what constitutes a fever in people over 65 is much lower than you might think because we all cool down as we grow older. So right now, everyone get an idea of your baseline temperature, taken first thing in the morning, before food or drink. Any increase in body temperature greater than or equal to 1.5 degrees F is a fever and medical attention is recommended. So if your baseline is 97.0 degrees F, you might be febrile (feverish) at 98.5!

If you are vaping ANTYHING right now, you need your head examined. Enough said.

Additionally, some very common medications are being questioned as potentially harmful in COVID-19.

ARB’s such as:





MAY actually worsen the pneumonia associated with COVID-19. These medications are used VERY widely globally in diabetics, hypertensives, and those with heart failure.

Corticosteroids such as:



Which are commonly used intravenously to treat acute pulmonary injury. MAY actually worsen the clinical course of COVID-19.

COVID -19 infection is associated with low serum potassium which doesn’t seem to respond to replacement once the disease process has set in - patients lose large amounts of potassium in the urine despite efforts to replete. It just makes sense to optimize electrolytes in your body NOW.


A good strong immune system is our best defense, no matter what age we are.

Please take special care/isolate yourself if you fall into a high-risk group and stay there!

Pay attention to the mineral balance in your body, especially potassium and magnesium. If you aren’t sure, call and we will figure it out.

Please call if you are currently using any of the suspect medications. Do NOT arbitrarily stop any medication without professional guidance.

Please keep an eye on your temperature and report a fever.

If you are ill, call the office for a sick visit.


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