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DOCS Outside the Box utilizes many approaches and tools to help you achieve better health, such as Prescriptive Medication, depending on your personal health needs.

You might think that since we believe in a holistic approach, we don’t use prescriptive medication.

You would be wrong.

We sincerely believe that there is a time, a place and a dose for almost all medications and all the other wonders that Western Medicine and Sugary have to offer,

One of our favorite professors taught us, 


“The definition of a good drug is one that is going to kill you more slowly than your problem is.”

- Lonny Jarret, LAC

Remember, we have Western Trained MD’s and ARNP’s working in conjunction with holistic providers.  We are able to simultaneously offer the best of both worlds to our patients.

Ready for better health? Call to make an Establishing Appointment.

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holistic care
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