As a convenience to our patients, we are proud to offer onsite x-ray and ultrasound services.

We have two certified x-ray technicians on staff, and offer the full spectrum of plain films- chest, abdomen, neck, back and extremity x-rays.  We also provide services for breast ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, pelvic and testicular ultrasound,


We have a strong interest in cardiovascular health and perform vascular ultrasounds onsite, such as echocardiograms, carotid and aortic ultrasounds, renal artery ultrasounds, and lower extremity arterial and venous ultrasounds.

All our plain films and ultrasound studies are read by Board Certified Radiologists.

All vascular studies are read by a Board Certified Cardiologist.

If ordered by a licensed medical provider, all of the above can be billed to your insurance.

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8950 Dr. MLK JR. St. N. Ste. 102

St. Petersburg, Florida 33702

Office: 727-498-8898

Fax: 727-800-5998

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