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Concierge vs (W)Holistic Doctor - Which one is right for ME?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

And why should you even have to choose? Shouldn’t your primary care doctor be looking at your whole self anyway? And honoring your insurance and those high premiums you pay?


Sadly, we are working in a broken and dysfunctional system. Your conventional PCP doctor cannot afford to keep the lights on unless you are processed quickly and, in a cookbook, knee jerk fashion. This leaves little time for deep thought. You are farmed out to some sub specialist who will tend to exactly ONE organ system, and that sub specialist often harbors the notion that no other organs are relevant.

In the CONCIERGE /RETAINER system, your doctor may be able to afford to spend more time with you because of the extra fees you will pay. That’s right. You agree to pay EXTRA to get the same traditional care you are already entitled to but just can’t get. Concierge practices charge an extra fee/retainer ranging from $1,200 to $25,000 per year. They may accept your insurance, or they may simply forgo the hassles of processing your health care insurance altogether. You will agree to pay cash for services that your insurance would have covered. And they don’t take your HSA.

In exchange for these hefty fees, concierge practices proudly proclaim that they are available to you 24/7/365.

Newsflash- they are SUPPOSED to be….

It’s their job.

In a truly (W)Holistic medical practice, your (W)HOLE SELF is examined and cared for. ALL your organ systems are taken into consideration. Your emotional, mental and spiritual health is attended to and is considered as important as your cholesterol numbers. The problem is that most Holistic practices do not incorporate conventional Western medicine, and they sure as ____ don’t take your insurance.

The Ideal Holistic Practice would satisfy all your needs. The Ideal Holistic Practice would include Conventional Medical Providers, as well as providers educated in alternative options for healthcare. (Remember, conventional Western Medicine is only about 200 years old.) The Ideal Holistic practice would utilize Conventional medicine, honor your insurance, tend to your health in a comprehensive manner, emphasize education and prevention, offer alternative solutions and not break your bank.



At DOCS OUTSIDE THE BOX, We are real doctors. We carry real beepers. We take your insurance. We spend extra time in contemplation on your needs because we can and we care. We farm you out when necessary for more diagnostics, but we can manage most of your care on our own. We teach you. We listen to you. We do not judge you if you don’t want to do things our way.

Our Holistic providers work with our Conventional Providers. We render full spectrum alternative care drawing on global and ancient wisdom and practices. Our fees are extremely reasonable, and we happily take your HSA.


You shouldn’t have to choose either/or when it comes to healthcare.

You are entitled to an expanded world view of your health

You are entitled to know all Western Science /Conventional Medicine can tell you about your health.

You are also entitled to know how the rest of the folks on this planet have managed to stay healthy for the past 3000 years using Holistic methods.

And it should all happen under one roof -with a red awning and a white picket fence out front!


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