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Kids Outside the Box! Launches New Team Specializing in Special Needs Children

Child painting autism puzzle piece heart

Kids Outside the Box!, the holistic pediatrics medical practice side of DOCS Outside the Box! for infants, children, and adolescents, has announced the creation of a new program catering to the care of special needs children.

This team, called “The A-Team”, stands for a-typical neurological children being treated by a-typical providers. The KIDS division of DOCS Outside the Box! is now best equipped to provide parents of special needs children with the knowledge needed to allow their children to thrive.

“We are excited to provide this special care to children and their parents,” said Lana Garner, DOM of DOCS Outside the Box! “The A-Team helps us expand our ability to provide optimal health and wellness to all children!”

The A-Team is a combination of providers from other DOCS Outside the Box! modalities to create the whole team approach. The team helps parents look at nutrition, lifestyle, and other influences that will contribute to a well-rounded treatment approach. The A-Team uses a combination of low-dose medicines, herbs, and whole food nutrition in treatment plans for a-typical neurological children.

They treat pandas, pans, other inflammatory issues of the central nervous system, spectrum disorders, ADHD, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, drug, food and vaccine sensitivities, brain injury, concussion, epilepsy, learning and developmental disorders, migraines, congenital issues, metabolic disorders, tics and tourette's. In addition, KIDS Outside the Box! offers traditional and custom vaccine plans.

Kids Outside the Box! is now accepting new patients. Call 727-498-8898 for more information.

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