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Lifestyle Changes

DOCS Outside the Box utilizes many approaches and tools to help you achieve better health.  Lifestyle and Nutrition are foundational to the DOCS approach to health and wellness.

We are able to help our patients only as much as they are willing to help themselves, but we completely get it-lifestyle change is never, ever easy for anyone.

A good place to start with change is lifestyle is with our 21-day Standard Process Purification Program.  We do this once a year (after the eating season has concluded in late January) with a large group, then individually throughout the year.

With this process, patients gain insight into what is actually possible to get out of the body they are in.  It is fun, relatively painless, and economical and we are there to support you every step of the way. We host support meetings once a week in our lobby during the Purification.

We will also recommend that our patients  make changes in their home and work environment to support their progress.  

Slowly, slowly as the weeks, months and years pass, our patients morph into a much better and healthy version of themselves.  

Everything good in this life takes work and a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you can make.

Ready to get started? Call to schedule an Establishing Appointment.

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