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DOCS Outside the Box utilizes many approaches and tools, such as Clinical Therapy, depending on your personalized health needs.​

Life, family, parents, children, work, finances, health- it can get overwhelming, and we all need someone to talk to at some point.

In fact, we believe it is impossible to fulfill our full health potential without giving serious thought and attention to our emotional issues- that baggage that is weighing us down.

We are fortunate to have two extraordinary mental health providers in our practice, Kimberly Acheson, LCSW and Michelle Schrader, PhD.


Kimberly has over 22 years of experience in counseling and specializes in practical, day to day solutions to complex issues with family and marital dynamics.  She has extensive experience in treating disruptive disorders of childhood, PTSD, anger management, crisis intervention, and work-life balance. Kimberly works with both children and adults.


Dr. Dawson is the Director of Recall Healing USA, and assistant director of Recall Healing International.  She sees patients in person in our office and by Skype and specializes in identifying and clearing the emotional conflicts that lead to disease.  Recall Healing helps us discover the root cause of disease. Interestingly enough, the root cause can be handed down from generation to generation through our DNA. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader, PhD, has trained in German New Medicine, Neuro Emotional Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, and Imagery for Health. 

Dr. Dawson leads mind blowing seminars in our office four times a year.  Her patients learn how to guide their own lives in a healthier and more wholesome direction, and how to help others  in their family. 

Both providers are compassionate, experienced and top in their fields.

To get started, call DOCS Outside the Box to schedule an Establishing Appointment. 

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