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Functional Medicine

DOCS Outside the Box utilizes many approaches and tools, such as Functional Medicine, depending on your personalized health needs.​

Functional medicine has a “holistic” approach, and goes deeper trying to find the “root cause” of the problem.  This is In contrast to Traditional Medicine in the US, which tends to use different techniques or modalities to diagnose alleviate the patients’ symptoms. 


Every patient is a unique individual, so their conditions should be addressed with individualized medicine


The functional medicine approach is to look more deeply into dysfunction and genetic predisposition to certain conditions.


Functional medicine embraces an approach that focuses on systems and how dysregulation within these systems (immune, gastrointestinal, cardiometabolic, etc) lead to chronic medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, even depression and anxiety.


Functional medicine takes into consideration the self-regulation of the body and the human body’s self-healing potential. .


We all have the ability to self-regulate if our metabolic dysfunction is corrected using a better diet, exercise, supplementing vitamin deficiencies, promoting a healthy microbiome, or just improving sleep.

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