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Sometimes when we make a poor choice the body needs specific support to get back into balance quickly.

Holly is an officer in the military, a physical trainer and body builder. We have treated her for many years and her visits include chiropractic, medical, applied kinesiology, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the occasional infrared sauna. She is proactive and takes her health seriously.

However, during a very stressful time at work she bought a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for the guys at the office.

On the way back to the office, temptation got the better of Holly. She got into the box of donuts and ate way more then her fair share. (Who hasn't done this?) The very next day, Holly was having trouble working out or even running due to pain in both of her hips.
Her very next visit to the clinic was a combo with AK, DC and MD.

We found that Holly had inflamed her entire gastrointestinal tract with the donuts. Her jaw and maxilla were out of alignment, and although it may seem far-fetched, once her mouth was adjusted, the pain in her hips subsided as both hips came back into balance.

She was administered two homeopathies and one whole food supplement to help re-establish healthy blood sugar balance as well.

She left the office able to do squats and ready for exercise.

Obviously, all this could have been avoided if the donuts had been avoided. NO ONE'S PERFECT.

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