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Late one Friday evening, our on- call physician received a desperate phone call from Karen's father.

Karen, a 34-year-old mother of two was hospitalized in Jacksonville, Florida for a bizarre and inscrutable illness. She has been vomiting relentlessly for four months and her doctors there had recommended a gastric (stomach) pacemaker as a last resort.

After he shared this frightening experience with MHW, arrangements were made to bring Karen to Tampa Bay.

We saw Karen at 3:00pm Monday afternoon. Karen was scheduled for a combination visit with an MD, functional DC and our AK practitioner. We reviewed the extensive work up her doctors had done in Jacksonville and performed a complete physical examination ourselves. From a traditional medical standpoint, we could find nothing wrong with Karen.


Using AK, however, we determined that Karen's jaw and mouth (maxilla, mandible and hard palate) were structurally out of alignment and that her digestion was not working properly because of this mechanical issue.

At this point, Karen was so weak and debilitated; we could do no further AK (muscle) testing. We also knew we could after a series of intra oral manipulations and adjustments; we administered one IV to re-hydrate and boost her immune system.

We were now able to quickly test her using AK and determined that she had a virulent form of E coli as well as hidden parasites. Just three homeopathic tinctures were prescribed.

The next morning Karen returned to the office after a restful night sleep because she was no longer throwing up. Karen had one more round of IV therapy and went back to Jacksonville.

In 18 hours we were able to solve the 4-month riddle for Karen.

When even the best MD's cannot solve the puzzle, AK can find the missing piece .

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