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You just never believe it can happen to you. But for Cinderella, it did. She was driving to work when her car was hit from the side by another driver, causing her to be rushed to the Emergency Room.

Once released, she was so shaken; she turned to Millennium, where our professionals took over.

Her care here started with a very thorough and complete physical examination by our Medical team. All of her injuries were carefully documented using x-ray, studies, EKG as well as thermographic imaging of her soft tissue injuries.

Over the next few weeks, the pain and anxiety from her accident caused her blood pressure to shoot-up to unsafe levels. Our medical team attended to this immediately, knowledgeably prescribing medication that was safe for her to take during this period of stress.

Cinder's skeletal and muscular injuries were tended to by our chiropractic and massage professionals. She received chiropractic adjustments, spinal traction, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage twice weekly.

She also took advantage of our deep-heating, far infrared sauna which helped relax her tight muscles.

Next, her healing was accelerated by hyperbaric oxygen treatments done twice weekly for 2 hours at a time.

Elaine's body may never be the same as it was before the accident, but she has come through the worst with a smile on her face and is able to return to her job and previous lifestyle.

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