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She's beautiful, she's intelligent, she's successful, and she's totally exhausted.

Although Susan has the face of a teenager, at the age of 55, she felt much, much older. She had gained a good deal of weight in her midsection; she could no longer think clearly and had difficulty managing her elite salon. Susan was also angry because she had spent a lot of money over a number of years trying to get well.

Having been diagnosed with Herpes 6 and Lyme disease, she was actually spending every bit of her disposable income on various expensive wellness schemes and diets.

Susan's initial MHW appointment was a "combo appointment" with our MD, DC and AK. In three hours, we established an initial plan for Susan to follow. This plan included supplements to establish a good basis of nutrition, an anti viral IV therapy, a detoxification tea regimen to slowly open her elimination pathways, homeopathies, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy 3 times a day for 3 days a week, infrared sauna a once a week, and oil pulling daily.

​Susan had an initial setback when she accidentally swallowed the oil after oil pulling! Once corrected, she steadily improved over the course of a few weeks. She is now on a maintenance schedule of HBOT and infrared sauna once a week, daily oil pulling, and a maintenance regimen of supplements and homeopathies. She has lost 27 pounds and looks, feels and functions like a teenager again.

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