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Tammie was a very frustrated 35 year old female who had been counting calories and exercising daily for three years. Nothing she could try or do would make her 20 extra pounds budge. She has been through several doctors and weight loss clinics, where her routine lab work had always turned up maddeningly normal.

At Docs Outside The Box we have a saying, "It's never about the weight." To us, weight gain signals an underlying and fundamental imbalance, and once this is truly corrected, and only then, will the weight come off and stay off.

Luckily, we first put Tammie through an intensive Massage and Sauna regimen to improve her metabolic rate. Our first major breakthrough came when Tammie noticed that the sweat pouring off of her in the Sauna was ORANGE in color.

A little detective work revealed that Tammie had been exposed to multiple dyes and solvents when she and her husband had operated a paint mixing business out of their garage several years before. These had literally been hiding in her fat cells all along.

Intuitive kinesiology testing also revealed a strange thing about Tammie: ENVIRONMENTAL LUPUS. Although Tammie had none of the traditional signs of Lupus, we quickly ran a battery of laboratory tests. Tammie was positive for Lupus.

Because the Lupus was environmentally based we spent a great deal of time helping Tammie discover and remove current, environmental exposures in her home and office. Tammie is in the process of supporting her detoxification pathways with an herbal tea and daily coffee enemas.

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