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New Choices for Labs at DOCS!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Docs! has teamed with a private lab, Evexia, to offer many new, economical services and options when it comes to investigating your health.  Throughout the years, we have noticed that some insurance policies do not cover lab fees or charge more than a private lab might charge.  We recommend comparing prices between what your insurance requires you to pay and the fees from this laboratory. It is always your choice.

Cancer Screening                      Comprehensive Stool Analysis           DNA Analysis Drug Screening                          Food Sensitivity / Inflammation          Genetic Health GI-MAP DNA Stool                     Heavy Metal and Others                    Neurotransmitter Nutritional                                   Pre-Packaged Blood Panel                Salivary Hormone SIBO / Genomic Tests                COVID 19 testing                               Docs! Custom Panels Docs’ Female Panel $220 Docs’ Male Panel $154 Docs’ Thyroid Panel $82 CBC w/ Differential                    CBC w/ differential                         Rev T3 CMP                                        CMP                                               T3 Uptake Cortisol                                     Cortisol                                           TPO CRP, High Sensitivity               CRP, High Sensitivity                      Antibodies Estradiol                                    Estradiol                                         TSH Estrone                                      Ferritin                                            T4 Ferritin                                       GGT                                                 T4 Free FSH                                           HA1C                                              T3 Free GGT                                           Insulin HA1C                                        Lipid Panel                                  Docs’ Female Panel $102 Insulin                                        Mg                                              Estradiol                          Lipid Panel                                Free Testosterone                     Estrone Mg                                            Total testosterone                        FSH Progesterone                            TSH                                             Progesterone Total testosterone                      T4 Free                                        Total testosterone TSH                                          T3 Free T4 Free T3 Free

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